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I Bloody Hate Cleaning!

That’s it, I’ve had enough! There is something about cleaning that really riles me up and I can’t do it any more.

I’m not a very messy person but I seem to be living in a house that just breeds dirt and grime. I don’t get a great deal of time to clean because I work long hours so it’s often a case of leave it until it gets too much to bear and then try to blitz the entire place in one go.

I realise that this could be the very reason why I hate it so much because I’m having to spend a long time all at once on my hands and knees or lugging a vacuum cleaner around. Maybe I should just try and do little bits each day but I suspect that would annoy me just as much and potentially even more.

So instead I have decided to hire some cleaners in Bexley who can come to my house once a week and scrub it spotless from top to bottom. I was actually quite shocked at how little it is going to cost too – despite not being on a huge salary, I can easily afford it.

To be quite honest, other people spend money on nights out or fancy meals to make them happy and I don’t see this as being any different if you take the anguish that this solution will remove from my life.

It also makes sense in my logical, economical mind that because these cleaners are specialised, it makes better use of human capital (that means time and effort) because they are so much quicker and more efficient than I am at cleaning. I can spend that same time doing other things such as catch up on some reading or watching the news (yes I actually follow the news).

So that’s my rant over – I hate cleaning but I no longer need to do it. How great is that?!